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Rome Independent Prisma Awards

What is the meaning of living when life loses its meaning? Is there really a way to value the passage of time, or are our values just an illusion?

These are the questions that the director seems to pose enacting the meeting and collision of the protagonists whose lives revolve around the death of a girl.

The Japanese middle class, alienated and oppressed by social expectations, is the solid and real ground on which the director seems to project shadows of introspection and individual lives, echoed by the ghosts of the past of each of the characters. Environments, emphasized by photography, are used effectively to bring to the surface the way in which pain is never really private, but spreads among individuals who are simultaneously separated yet united – by family, work, necessity – creating deep lacerations.

Basically, “She-Q” seems, with delicacy and without the pretense of a rhetorical solution, to invite us to reflect on the way in which it is impossible to isolate ourselves from the suffering and joys that coexistence between human beings determines for us.





「She Q」は、美辞麗句で解答を装うことなく、「人間同士の共存が決定づける苦しみや喜びから私たち自身を切り離すことは不可能である」ということを我々に考えさせる繊細な作品である。


Fox International Film Festival

A splendid and very up-to-date movie that immerses the viewer to the story about family tragedy. 
The director Tomoaki Yanai and his movie ‘She Q’ won an award at the Europe Film Festival U.K. as Best First-Time director and the reasons are obvious. From the very beginning movie thrills the viewer with a hook of an unknown man. Who is he? Where is he going? You have to be patient to get all the answers. 
Conditionally this piece of work could be divided into two parts: present and past. In the end loyal viewer can see a glimpse of future, that the main character chooses for himself. To understand the end of the movie you have to keep in mind the beginning. 
Director’s talent comes through every shot. Beautifully composed each scene has unique style and meaning highlighting most important things to the audience. Speaking of important things, it is essential to note scenes of nature. ‘She Q’ is laced with scenery of trees, parks and rivers in different time of the day and moreover, different season. We see how trees change their leaves as the main character develops and reconsiders his point of view on life. 
Theme of tragedy is represented in contrasting families with different issues. This method is used to bind people with totally opposite lifestyles by one similarity. Via mentioned earlier method director is talking directly with his audience – you are not alone in this world, and everybody goes through personal tragedy. 
Another great advantage of this piece of work is lighting. Used the right way it creates an atmosphere of presence. Adding up to that is sound. Most of the time there is no music in the background but sounds of nature could be heard throughout the whole movie. 
Taking everything said into account, it is important to state that this is a great movie telling important stories of family tragedies, how they affect people’s lives and more importantly, this movie proves that there is always a way out of bad path. 

箭内知明監督による映画『She Q』は、家族の悲劇の物語に観客を没入させる、見事かつ現代的な作品である。箭内監督および本作品がヨーロッパ映画祭(U.K.)で最優秀新人監督賞を受賞した理由は明白だ。







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