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The basis of this work is a requiem for the children life that died of child abuse. The trigger was a 7-year-old girl’s abusive death by her parents in 2016. Shortly before her death, the deceased girl leaves her parents with the letter, “I will do it tomorrow, so please forgive me.” After that, the child died without a finale.I wondered how this child would perceive the phenomenon that she was born, and it made my mind choke. As I thought about it, I wanted to be as close to her soul as possible.

One day, when I was looking at the food chain diagram from a bird’s-eye view, I realized that it was terrifying. Everyone is killed and eaten, except for those who stand at the top. And the ones that stand at the top are killed by younger ones as they age. If the essence of living is to be eaten by others, what is the salvation of living? 

Isn’t maternal affection universal salvation that any animal can have? If it wasn’t there…? With that in mind, I felt immeasurable fear. Isn’t it a world of despair that even doubts God?

Therefore, in this work, I decided to focus on “the maternal affection” with the theme of “salvation of life”.

Maternal affection is love that is shared by all life and is caused by instinct. Maternal affection is different from free love like agape. It also includes self-love and has an ambivalent aspect. That is why, in this work, I also pursued the conflict as humanity that emanates from the maternal affection and the beauty that arises from the conflict.

We, in a modern society living in a space like a deception, hope to comfort the young souls who have died even a little by reaffirming the meaning of life that leads to absurdity.

THEME: あらすじ
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