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GLIFF - Golden Lemur ①


★Selected★(In Consideration)

GLIFF has monthly structure with yearly screenings.Every month we're selecting 3 most powerful works with huge potential from all winners that will go into yearly program and compete for 1000$ cash prize and free promotion on online-theater platforms.Ancient Romans held celebrations in honor of lemurs lasted for 3 days thinking that spirits of the past where reborn as lemurs just like cinema is reborn of spirit of the creator in the viewers body.GLIFF will be held for 3 summer days.


official selectedについては、発表と同時に映画祭の公式Instagramストーリーズでも取り上げてくださっていました。ありがたいです。


We are honored to have selected our film.

We hope to hear from you about better results at a later date!

Thank you!



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