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South Film and Arts Academy Festival


🏆Award Winner!!

「Special Award: Feature Film Of The Month」ならびに、下記受賞しました!

Best Drama Feature

Best Director In A Feature Film(Tomoaki Yanai)

Best Lead Actor In A Feature Film(Tom Ogikubono)

Best Lead Actress In A Feature Film(Aki Tsuchiya )

Best Cinematography In A Feature Film(Daichi Mikasa ,Tomoaki Yanai)

Original Score Honorable Mention In A Feature Film (Yuko Negishi, Tomoaki Yanai)

SFAAF is the film festival with a monthly presentation, as well as being an online viewing site. The winning film will be in live screening at the end of the month, in an event with screenings for all audiences.

公式HPで、she Qのスチールとポスターを掲載いただいています♪


何より、遠い遠いチリの土地で、私たちの「she Q」を知っていただくことができて嬉しい限りです。

I was so honored to be named an award winner at the STAAF!Thank you.





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